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New Year’s Resolution – 2012

Well, another year has come and passed.  2011 was full of adventures, happiness, hurt, family, new opportunities, truth, soul searching, and much more.  But what will 2012 bring?  Honestly, I have no idea, but I’m excited to see what is in store.  Here are some resolutions I made to make this year better than the last.


My top 10 11 resolutions are (in no particular order):

1. Eat Healthier.

2. Work out more; get back into shape.

3. Read more – at least 3 books this year. (This may seem like a tiny goal, but being as I didn’t even make it through one this past year, I think this is a great and attainable goal!)

4. Keep improving myself; spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, professionally, as a wife, as a mother, as a friend.

5. Thank God for something EVERY DAY.  Put thankfulness first in my mind and heart.

6. Be a better housekeeper.

7. Make more time for my hobbies: crafting, sewing, photography, blogging…

8. Learn to stop sweating/stressing the small stuff.

9. Be more money-wise and be more aware of our budget on a daily basis.

10. Start doing my daily devotions again.

11. (I almost forgot about this one.) LEARN TO SPEAK SPANISH CONVERSATIONALLY!


I really searched deep down into myself to come up with these goals.  Some people may read them and think they are pretty generic, but this IS the direction I want my life to take this year.  Last year I put a lot of faith in people who let me down, and I need my faith to be in God- not man.  I didn’t make enough time for myself and my family; I worked hard and sacrificed too much of myself for my job and that isn’t going to happen this year.  I am going to get the rest I need so I can be the mother, wife and friend I know I am inside.  Also, it is extremely important I make time for my hobbies because these things make me happy and feel accomplished… when I have this sense of inner-happiness and self-accomplishment, I am more confident and esteemed and that makes me easier to be around.  I am not the easiest person to be around when I am stressed and I accept that. 😦  These are my goals to improve my wellness, my self, my family and my spirit.

What are your goals for this new year?  I’d love to hear about them.

Thanks for reading, come back soon. 🙂

– Tiffany



My Life as of Late

Lately my days are full of nap times, feeding times and balancing play time between my kiddos.  🙂  And then some of those days I also have to work.  Lately, I feel busy beyond belief!

Yes, I feel busy and I am busy, but I love it live for it.  I love my family.  I love everything about my family.

My days are filled with stories and songs and other things my kids love.

“Skit. Skat. Skoodle. Doot. Flip. Flop. Flee.  Everybody running to the coconut tree.”

“Days of the week, *clap clap* Days of the week. *clap clap* There’s Sunday then there’s Monday. There’s Tuesday then there’s Wednesday…”

“Are you ready to GO, GO, GO, GO on an adventure? The thing-a-ma-jigger is UP and AWAY…”

It’s funny because I used to occasionally take these times for granted.

The songs. The fun. The innocence of it all.

How precious my kids are when they are enthralled with something they love or learning something new.

How excited they get.

I’ve caught myself taking these times for granted.  God caught me taking these times for granted.  He convicted my heart and showed me how it’s not my time, it’s His time and he wanted me to use it worrying about my kids… not getting caught up with worrying when I was going to get dressed or go grocery shopping or when I’d have the time to read my emails.  No one benefits from that!  When I caught myself doing that, I made the decision to focus on our time together as a family instead of how much time I had to get my things done.  And you know what?  My son is even happier and more full of life because I am sitting with him wanting to participate in his silliness.  I am happier and he is happier. My daughter was relatively unaffected by it but is a happy girl just the same.

Now, it doesn’t matter to me that I didn’t have time to get dressed until my husband got home or that I didn’t have time to check my email… All of that can get done later.  I used to stress out about getting it all done, but I have realized that it WILL get done when it gets done and that’s that!  There’s no rush.  Emails won’t read themselves or magically disappear from my inbox and groceries can be purchased at night.  What’s the rush?  Who cares if I am still in my pajamas at 5pm some days?  My kids don’t!!!  And now I don’t.  🙂

It’s funny how a simple change can just lighten your heart and make you happier.  I already said my son is happier, but so am I!

So, my life as of late is:

pajama parties all day

baking with my son instead of for him

reading books on the bunny chair with the kids

singing songs to each other

looking for ants and caterpillars outside

cartoons and cuddles

dance parties


Sometimes the simplest things in life are the ones that can warm your heart the most.  🙂  I thought I was doing an okay job balancing the different aspects of my life but God showed me how I could be better and through him I am better, my kids are better.

Have you caught yourself taking something for granted? How did you realize it and how did you change that?  What are fun things you do with your kids?  Tell me what your day looks like.  🙂

3 Preschools down, is this the one?

My son recently turned 4 and he is in preschool now.  What a big boy!  He has actually been to two other preschools.  We started him in this great preschool that he loved and we loved.  A nice private school.  But man, oh man, preschool can be EXPENSIVE!  We were struggling to make ends meet but this was an important thing for him so we did what we could and cut back what we could so we could provide this opportunity for him.

We saw how great school was for him; how much he learned, how much he grew!  His vocabulary expanded and his social skills developed so much.  Preschool has so much more resources than I did as a SAHM.  I knew this was good for him.

We ended up transferring him to a different preschool, a Lutheran preschool.  Not that I am Lutheran, but we thought that as a Christian preschool he would be taught about God.  We were struggling with how to explain God and Jesus and how to introduce him to the idea of prayer.  We thought this school would help.  Better yet, my Mother-in-Law was a preschool teacher at this school so we got a discount on tuition!  This was the best news, or so we thought. A discount on education at a Christ centered preschool!

Well, this ended up being the worst transition we could have made.  My son went from being this well-behaved boy to someone who had behavior struggles all the time.  We couldn’t figure out where this was coming from.  We thought some of it was his age and a developmental norm.  And a small piece of it was.  A bigger piece of it wasn’t.  The school was AWFUL!  They taught about God a little bit – which was great, but God was mainly just a word in a song and not someone my son actually learned about.  What I got to show for it was artwork my son would bring home, but it was so obviously not created by him and instead created by the teachers.  I was seeing this change in my son and I knew something was wrong.  The school wasn’t doing anything bad to my son, I don’t want it to sound that way, but they weren’t encouraging good behavior in the students of the class and they weren’t discouraging the bad behavior.  They weren’t helping our kids learn right from wrong.  There is A LOT I can do as a parent to shape my son into a strong and good human being but so much of that can be counteracted by a school or daycare if they aren’t doing their jobs as caregivers or education providers.  Let’s just shorten it up and say my son hated going to school and would cry.  At the end of the year both my son and Mother-in-Law left the school.  My MIL had taught there for about 5 years but things went so downhill that last year and after witnessing the effect they had on her grandson, that was no longer a place she wanted to teach.  Although I hated the idea of having him change schools again, my heart knew he couldn’t go to that school anymore.

My Mother-in-Law found a new school to teach at and we followed her there.  My son attends 2 days a week and we are already seeing the positive effects this school is having on him!  He loves learning again.  He gets excited to go to school and learn.  I get excited to see him happy about school and friends again!  The school has a Reggio Emilia philosophy and at first I was skeptical about it, but I see how great it is when my son comes home and tells us about what he has learned for the day.  The last school was so horrible and towards the end of the year everything with the teachers or the director became a struggle.  This year school became good for him again.  This year he wants to learn because he now has a positive learning environment to go to.

At this age, schooling is so important.  Before I was a parent I thought preschool was just another term for daycare and just a place working families put their children so they could earn a living.  Having a MIL who majored in Early Childhood Development helped me learn that is not at all the case.  Preschool and Daycare are so different.  And because her hours are so flexible, if we aren’t able to pick our son up after school for any reason, her hours happen to be the same hours as my son’s so she just takes him home with her.  Preschool can offer so much more by the way of education and social development than I can.  I don’t have the skills to provide what they can.  I work part-time so we are able to provide this opportunity for him, as we will our daughter.  I am so happy we found this preschool.  It takes us 30 minutes to get there, but luckily it is on our way to work so we can make it happen.

Here is a picture of a piece of art my son brought home from school 2 weeks ago.

It is a ducky! 🙂  And this is clearly artwork made by him and NOT the teachers!  Before he would just scribble and say he drew a dragon or something.  Now he can create what he wants to draw!  The school has an atelier and he goes to it both days he is in school and the art teacher teaches the students how to draw different shapes, and overtime they learned how to put those shapes together to create something… and this is what he brought home.  I am going to frame this, but for now it is on my fridge.  I love it.  I cried when I saw it.  It’s the most precious drawing of a ducky I have ever seen.

We are so blessed to have found this school.  We are so blessed to have a MIL that wants to be so active in our kid’s lives, in our lives.