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Cloth Diapering – The Journey

In my last post I talked about our switch from disposable diapers to cloth diapers.

For us, this was the beginning of our money-saving and environmentally friendly choices.  Cloth diapering can also become an addiction!  I have to say, I am addicted.

The last post talked about my experience with the gDiaper and how that didn’t work for us.  Then we tried a 30 day cloth diapering trial from Mom’s Milk Boutique and I found a few diapers I really liked!  My collection of diapers now contains mostly one size “pocket” diapers.  A pocket diaper has an outer leak proof layer (usually PUL), and a soft inner lining.  The lining has a pocket for you to stuff with an absorbent pad (comes with purchase) and you can customize the absorbency with different or multiple pads.

My favorite of these pocket diapers are the rump.a.rooz G2 pocket diapers.  They have inner gussets and outer gussets like disposable diapers so the mess stays in and these diapers do not require a cover.  This is the only cloth diaper I have found with dual gussets and I have to say that sets them apart from the others in my book.  The less mess I have to deal with, or that my husband has to deal with makes cloth diapering so much easier.  They have adjustable snaps so the diaper fits from birth to about 35 lbs.  At first the diaper seemed a little bulky, but now it’s my favorite for the fit!  The diaper comes with two inserts for a customizable fit and absorbency which helped with the bulkiness.  And I’d rather have a diaper that is a little bulky than a little leaky, haha.  🙂  With rump.a.rooz you have the option of choosing a snap or aplix closure.  Aplix means it closes with a velcro like material… as your child gets older the aplix diapers are easier for them to take off.

Another pocket diaper I really like is the KaWaii cloth diaper.  The KaWaii is also a one size diaper that does not require a cover.  They come in all sorts of colors and designs and the price just can’t be beat.  One thing I love about my KaWaii is that they can be fuzzy on the outside but still don’t require a cover.  I haven’t had a leak problem with these diapers yet.  I purchased mine from eBay.

Happy Heiny is also a popular choice for pocket diapers.  I have a few of these.  I got one in the 30 day diapering trial I wrote about and decided I really liked it.  Again, these diapers do not require a cover and are adjustable from 8 to 35 lbs.  They fit around my daughters thighs and tummy very well.  She is thin waisted but has chunkier thighs and I loved how these fit her from the start.

On a recommendation I tried smartipants cloth diapers.  They do not have a high price tag like many one-size pocket diapers.  The more you buy, the cheaper they are, just like any diaper, but if you are looking for a great cost savings, this is your diaper.  They are not perfect, and they wick a little bit in the front but they are nice to have handy.  One thing that makes these diapers special is that you don’t have to “unstuff” the pocket before washing the diapers.  You can just plop them into the wash and wash as directed.

I often visit thegoodmama.com.  The owner of this site hand sews all of her diapers.  She has some all-in-one options called the ONE, but most of her diapers are fitteds.  Again, fitteds are not sized diapers (although she does offer newborn options) they are a one size diaper that requires a cover.  Many people that have goodmama’s don’t use covers because the diapers are SO DARN CUTE, they just have a bigger stash and change their babies more frequently.  I use a cover, only after I take a picture of Sofia in the diaper.  🙂  GoodMama’s stock every friday with new products and with the popularity and demand on the product, they sell out quickly.  Their stock is always changing so if you like something, you have to buy it quick or you may lose your chance… that is until someone needs to get rid of their goodmama stash.  That is the fun of goodmama’s.  You should definitely check them out!  GoodMama diapers are pricey, but with the demand you can sell off your stash once you don’t need them anymore!  🙂  I am proud to say I am a goodmama and am not afraid to admit that I am addicted.

And if you’re in need of a cover, I suggest investing in a wool cover, my favorite is the Nifty Nappy wool cover.  They are more breathable for baby’s skin, more absorbent, more natural, and don’t need to be washed nearly as often as other covers.  Nifty Nappy also sells a wide variety of all-in-one diapers and fitteds that are very similar to goodmama diapers, but I have not yet had the opportunity to try these out.

Cloth diapers require special care.

If you choose to cloth diaper I recommend you invest in a cloth diaper pail liner and a wetbag.  These keep the stink inside of them while waiting to be washed, whether in your home or in your diaper bag.

Also, invest in a clothes line.  Sun drying your cloth diapers helps your diapers last longer.  Plus the sign naturally bleaches out stains from poo.

If you cloth diaper, why not use cloth wipes too?  I use cloth wipes and you just wash them with the diapers or with your regular wash.  I found a recipe for wipes solution and just make that weekly.  You don’t need to spend a fortune on cloth wipes (and they can cost a fortune).  I bought mine on sale or you can use baby wash cloths which work just as well!  Here is the recipe I use.


Are you thinking about making the switch?